Heather Bell

February 17, 2009


Heather Bell has been writing for a long time.

She eats mountain lions and kills baby seals.

She has been previously published, numerous times, under her maiden name of ‘Schimel’ so you also might find some good stuff there.  But don’t judge her based upon the incriminating photographs with genocidal dictators.  We all start somewhere.

If you have any question or concerns about her writing, or just generally want to say hello, feel free to e-mail at schimelhr@gmail.com


9 Responses to “Heather Bell”

  1. Zach Says:

    whhaaa? you have a wordpress blog? Insanity!. Also, comments!

  2. morganne Says:

    Straight From the Horses Mouth:

    The reason people love Heather Bell is her writing, and
    also her long flowing hair. The reason people love Heather
    Bell’s writing is:

    a) it says things you would have never thought of
    b) it says thing you can’t comprehend because you were too busy writing cliches and dumbassery.
    c) it kind of makes your mouth go numb
    d) it makes you look like an idiot with no creativity, thus somehow, magically inspiring you.
    e) all of the above.

  3. kaitica83 Says:


    Slow Muse published one of your poems here:


    It moved me incredibly.

    But I was wondering… is it true that Klimt beat his wife?

    • Heather Bell Says:

      From everything that I have researched, I would say no. What I was trying to do with the poem is take an idea in which you would think one way and make you surprised and think another. I think that’s why it works … it’s not a traditional love poem about Klimt’s painting, it’s a darker take on the painting. Thank you!

    • Heather Bell Says:

      I also want to say another thing in reply to your comment. I often find it odd how people tend to think that poetry is ALWAYS true … as though writing something emotive must always be fact. We never think the same thing of novel or short story writers. I also try to do that with my work – write to make a person believe that what I am saying is truth. Sway them. I think that is what strength is.

      • kaitica83 Says:

        Thank you for getting back to me. Typically I don’t ask or care whether a poem is true or not, especially if it moves me like yours did.

        The reason I asked was because I was planning on buying a large-scale replica of The Kiss to put in my living room, as a symbol for love. If the poem was true, it would have marred the meaning for me.

        Actually, the poem did succeed in shocking me, so whether it is true or not, the abuse will always be in the back of my mind when I look at that particular painting. What a shame, I did love it.

        Interesting how the mind works.

  4. Olga Says:

    I’ve just discovered you through Lili (KneelingGlory on dA) and have not read enough of your work to make a meaningful comment (but what I’ve seen so far is fresh, has a good hook – I like it), but I really wanted to ask –
    Where is that hiking photo of you taken?
    It looks like Dolly Sods, but I guess lots of places do, so…

    • Heather Bell Says:

      Thanks. Where is Dolly Sods? It was taken in Red River, New Mexico. There’s a trail where you can hike to the top and lakes along the way. We stopped and camped by Lost Lake. Very pretty area.

      • Olga Says:

        Thank you for replying!
        Dolly Sods is in Virginia (bordering West Virginia? I’m not sure); state park popular with overnight hikers.
        If I ever visit New Mexico will definitely check it out – it looks gorgeous; those pines!

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