Nothing Unrequited Here

published by the lovely Amanda Oaks of Verve Bath Press, Nothing Unrequited Here is a series of love poems.  It expresses that without a doubt, love is not just love, but all of the dark and messy things in between.

How To Make People Love You (sold out)

published strongly and oddly by Heather Bell herself, this book contains her favorite poems as well as the ones that hurt to read.  Please read this, it makes her happy.

FACTS OF COMBAT: if your head was blown off, I would still know you from the birthmark in the shape of your own shadow, on your left hand

-published by Achilles Chapbooks, please be advised that this chapbook is not a collection of ‘normal’ poems.  This is flash fiction/the time everyone wants to cry and just coughs up blood instead/all of the ways you can shoot a horse/one dark well you can fall into and no one ever comes by with a ladder.

Expletive Deleted

Heather’s newest book.  This book wants you to wear a large hat and sit by the water.  It wants you to put on a plastic mustache and stop shaving your legs and chest.  It wants you to cry a little, not too much.  This book is what you sit down to read when you have nowhere else to go, so this is it- all you have left.


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