“Heather’s work is raw and visceral. She is the Dr. Kevorkian of the poetry world. She puts to sleep all the lesser poetry out there. Her metaphors are true to life, yet surreal, a perfect combination. She takes you to a world of her own making where you may feel at home, or you may feel a heavy disquiet. She makes the mundane seem completely extraordinary and fantastical. She is bizarre— some strange woman you meet in a supermarket who’s talking to a pet Walrus who’s really her husband, but it only benefits her work.

I’ve found much inspiration in Heather. She is proof that even if your work isn’t “mainstream” you can still be successful. She’s been extremely helpful with my own writing, and is an amazing woman besides. I’m very glad that I’ve read her work and have been in contact with her.”

-Delaney Keaten, writer, artfag haircut specialist


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